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Compliant. Effective. Efficient.

Virtual Instructor Led Training.

PathWise is the leading, global provider of quality systems solutions. We partner with life science organizations to ensure quality, safety and compliance in our world’s healthcare.

ePath Online Training

Our interactive, informative modules ensure your employees are up to date on the laws and regulations that govern our regulated life science industry.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Our training is interactive, with case studies, group work, and dialouge between the instructor and learners. Done virtually, it can be cost effective for your organization, and safe for your employees. 

ePath Online Training for Life Sciences

ePath modules are self led, and interactive. Learning checks along the way ensure learners are actually retaining information, and not just clicking through slides. 

Quality Systems and Compliance

We deliver the methodology and tools to ensure compliant, effective and efficient execution of quality system requirements. 

Online Training for Compliance

PathWise strives for excellence and quality in all that we endeavor and keep up-to-date with applicable regulations and emerging industry trends, bringing an intimate knowledge of regulatory and compliance standards.


PathWise Webinars are the solution for individuals including management, engineers, regulatory and QA/QC professionals in need of training but unable to make a full course time commitment. Webinars include on-demand or live presentations covering various quality system topics. 

Training Solutions for our World's Healthcare

PathWise is the leading, global provider of quality systems solutions. We partner with life science organizations to ensure quality, safety and compliance in our world’s healthcare.

Earn CEU Credit!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are nationally recognized by a wide range of organizations, including professional associations, regulatory boards, corporations and universities. Organizations such as ASQ require a certain number of CEU for certification. PathWise offers CEU credit for online and instructor led courses!


 In a globally regulated life science industry, PathWise provides proven methodologies in quality and compliance through hands-on and practical solutions that ensure compliant, effective, and efficient quality systems. Through virtual instructor led and on-demand online modules, we help simplify necessary concepts and processes, ensuring a quality system program that conforms to industry and regulatory standards.



PathWise instructor led training allows feedback & dialogue between the attendee and instructor, while working through problems in the safety of the classroom environment. Our virtual training environment has the same interactivity and engagement as the classroom, with the safety of learners participating from their homes. 


PathWise online learning allows for training flexibility, teaching rules, definitions, and regulation requirements. The self led modules include interactive learning checks, and helpful downloads and tools to support your quality system needs.    

Medical Device

Full understanding and compliance with the Quality System Regulation (QSR) is key for your organizations success. Whether it is CAPA training, supplier auditing, or any other quality system need, PathWise has the experience to help.


Developing a systematic, compliant approach to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and 21 CFR parts 210 & 211 isn’t easy. PathWise provides tools, systems, and best practices to simplify regulatory compliance for Pharmaceutical companies.


Biologic and biotechnology regulations are becoming increasingly rigid, and having the right support to understand and comply with 21 CFR parts 600, 601, and 610 can make all the difference. 


Investigations and CAPA

“It really helped me sharpen my problem solving brain. Now I can use the tools I learned to more effectively investigate issues.”

-Dan Eccles, Technician, Takeda


Investigations and CAPA

“This course was one of the best if not the best that I have participated in. I have been using the skills that I learned and truly believe that they make a difference.”

-Hans Willems, Quality Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Technical Writing Principles


“The variety of examples [were helpful], and despite being ~8 hours the class was engaging and fun because of the instructor.”

-Lucas Von Samson, Scientist, Abbvie

Technical Writing Principles

“It was beneficial to have hands on activities that illustrate the points being discussed. You always hear about filler words, but its much easier to understand with examples!”

-Brian McDonald, Scientist, AbbVie

Technical Writing Principles

“The breakdown of academic, technical and literary writing styles was eye-opening. It was beneficial to perform activities to shorten words, de-clutter, and re-write documents. It was very beneficial to use real-life examples and documents used within Lonza to demonstrate dos and donts of technical writing. It was also beneficial to treat this course as an open discussion platform. “

-Margaret Chaney, Lonza

Investigations and CAPA

“After receiving training through PathWise, we certainly see a general improvement in our CAPA process, including Root Cause Analysis and Documentation. There is also a reduction in the number of open CAPAs, resulting in less people being involved and less pressure for our organization.”

-Hans Willems, VP Operations, Boston Scientific

Investigations and CAPA

“I have been doing CAPA’s for 19 years, but never like this – great tools and presentation to help understand processes better to take back and add to our company’s process. ”

-Kimberly Bulls, Regulatory Affairs/Compliance Specialist, Techlab, Inc.

Investigations and CAPA

“The exercises that went along with the implementation of the concepts and tools were beneficial – there is nothing better than having people in a training session actually putting the concepts into practice and using the tools – people learn much better by doing than by sitting and listening all day. ”

-Patti Skeens, Tesaro

Quality Risk Management

“I would refer this course to others. It was a perfect introduction into Quality Risk Management. It covered the fundamentals and allowed the attendees to work together testing their knowledge of Risk Management. Those that attended now have an understanding of what is required for Risk Management. They are now empowered to be an active participant in Risk Management instead of passively filling out fields in a template.”

-Desiree Davis, Merge Healthcare

Quality Risk Management

“It brought together people from diverse functions (development, manufacturing, regulatory, customer care) and gave us a common risk language and a forum to discuss and understand risk management. The course was an appropriate mix of presentation and student dialog facilitation.”

-Jeffrey Stevens, Roche

Quality Risk Management

“Case studies that help apply conceptual tools into an actual process that can be translated andapplied to work related activities [were helpful]. Yes, a good introduction courseregarding risk management and tools to use in defining possible risks.”

-James Chi, Systems Engineer, Hologic

“I enjoyed learning and having the ability to complete activies within the booklets at the same time. It made understanding the concepts easier and more enjoyable. I honestly thought all of the content was beneficial.”

-Megan Carter, Lab Technician, Siemens Healthcare

“It was beneficial that the course used a lot of examples that related to our company it made it a lot easier to relate and understand. It was also helpful working outloud in small groups. A lot of individuals in the course worked in different departments and were at different levels and therefore everyone had a different thought of a different process in the way they worked through a problem.”

-Emily Muyleart, Production Chemist, Immucor

“The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging. They limited the PowerPoint Time and Maximized the Team/Group work – key for learning and participant engagement.”

-Derek Sanders, Director of Supply Chain, Immucor

QUALITY SYSTEMS and compliance training solutions. 

For over 20 years PathWise has delivered superior training, to simplify necessary concepts and processes in your quality systems. 

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 PathWise is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  PathWise complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, PathWise is accredited to issue the IACET CEU.

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