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Fault Tree Analysis Training

Risk Management Fault Tree Analysis TrainingFAULT TREE ANALYSIS TRAINING OVERVIEW:

What is a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)? The FTA is a tool used in risk based systems to identify any factors that contributed to an undesired event.  It is an effective tool in order to identify potential causes or pathways to the event or failure.

The PathWise Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) training course uses concepts and steps that align with ISO 14971 covering the application of risk management to medical devices, and ICH Q9 FDA guidance related to Quality Risk Management. 


Attendees of this course learn to:

  • Explain how a FTA can fit within a Risk Management System.
  • Create an FTA to include failure identification, analysis, and event probabilities.

In order to reinforce the concepts, attendees will complete a full Fault Tree Analysis, using the following steps. 

These course steps include:

  1. Define the top event, including the event failure and outcome.
  2. Identify possible immediate causes or failure modes leading to top event.
  3. Analyze each fault mode to identify how the failure was caused.
  4. Complete tree.
  5. Estimate probability of the head event.
  6. Determine if further actions are necessary.


  • Identify potential causes of the failure.
  • Analyze a failure that has already occurred.
  • Analyze systems with many interfaces and interactions.


The pictorial representation of the complete “tree” leads to an easy understanding of the system behavior, and the factors included.  This can help identify the potential cause of event failure.

Fault Tree Analysis is a one-day course appropriate for individuals who are regularly called upon to assess risk. Examples include research and design engineers, quality assurance, and regulatory and compliance personnel.

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Training is one day of Instructor Led classroom training.

TrainingThe most cost effective training option is to have PathWise come to your location. We have trainers across the globe, and trained in 14 different countries in 2015 alone, covering almost every continent!

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