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 PathWise Certified Trainers Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Sometimes I have difficulty in deciding how best to deliver the activities. Who can I call to get additional support and ideas about the activities?

A.  PathWise has many trainers with decades of experience in industry and with PathWise materials, and would thrilled to help you with any of the activities, or other training support. Contact your account manager to put you in touch. 

Q. Why do we use examples that are non-industry specific?
A: When learning a new skill/concept it is best to use an example that is non-industry specific so learners do not get caught up in the industry details. Our goal is to ensure that they learn the concept/skill applied correctly the first time. Then additional industry specific examples can be used once they have clarity of the skill/concept.
Q. How often do you update the materials and how do you inform trainers of those updates?
A: It is the goal of PathWise Instructional Design team to update the materials every two years. However, in the interim you may see a course refresh happening which does not impact the structure of the course but further enhances the delivery of the curriculum.

When there is an update in our courses, we will post in ePath and will notify each of the PathWise Certified Trainers via email individually to insure they understand the significance of the change, and to field any questions they may have. 



Q. It is time for me to reorder materials. Who do I contact?

A: Contact your Account Manager. They can help you with a number of things, including material ordering. You can also contact your account manager to add trainers in your organization, or to certify in additional courses.

Unsure who your account manager is? Email [email protected] and your account manager will be in touch!

Q. Do I get all the materials needed for training when I order the books?

A: When ordering books all the materials needed to train are included. Books, worksheets, wall charts (if needed for a course).

Additional questions about material? Contact your account manager!


Q. How can I access upcoming Webinars?
A: An email is sent out from the PathWise marketing department when new Webinars are hosted by PathWise. To see what the upcoming webinar is, view our Featured Webinar page.
Q. How do I access on demand webinars?
A: You can access the on-demand webinars at your leisure. Recordings of the on-demand Webinars are in your ePath account.  When ever a new webinar recording is added to the library, you will receive a system (ePath) generated email notifying you.



Q: Can I teach the Documenting Investigations Course independent of Technical Writing?
A: Technical Writing Principles is the pre-requisite required for all other modules. It is not recommended that you teach Documenting Investigations independent of Technical Writing but in conjunction with the Technical Writing curriculum. The Technical Writing course is the foundational structure that allows you to successfully deliver the Documenting Investigations, SOP Writing or Validation Documentation courses. We recommend delivering modules within a thirty-day window of the Technical Writing Principles course.


Q. For the courses that I am certified to teach where can I get the solutions to the case studies and copies of the documents associated with that course?
A: Each trainer has access to the case studies with solutions within their ePath Account.
Q. What is the purpose for Cabin in the Woods when we go right into a case study right after?
A: The purpose of Cabin in the Woods is to get the learner to focus on using their critical thinking skills and prepare them for the case study to come. It is also another opportunity to use the is/is not tool.
Q. What are some of the ways I can deliver the Investigations & CAPA training?

A: The Introduction Module can be paired with any of the modules. Depending on whom you are training and their role in your organization it might be best to pair up as follows:

  • Intro & Evaluate – for those who identify and report events
  • Intro, Evaluate & Investigate – for those who identify, report and investigate events to determine the root cause. 
  • Intro & Investigate – for those who investigate events to determine the root cause.
  • Intro, Evaluate, Investigate & Implement – for those who identify, report and investigate events to determine root cause, and perform CA/PA implementation activities.
  • Intro & Implement – for those who perform CA/PA implementation activities.